Whenever the acclaimed Wes Anderson makes a new movie, cinephiles the world over immediately start paying attention.

With the unique, whimsy-loving writer-director’s latest movie, The Grand Budapest Hotel, though, he’s entering new, previously uncharted territory: the land of body-counts and violence. In Anderson’s latest (opening in limited theaters tomorrow), Ralph Fiennes plays an eccentric hotel concierge who gets framed for murder. That’s the simple plot synopsis—being a Wes Anderson flick, of course, The Grand Budapest Hotel masks its dark undertones with quirk, laughs, and a stacked cast of colorful bit players, including Jude Law, Owen Wilson, Tilda Swinton, Edward Norton, Anderson’s go-to buddy Bill Murray, and Harvey Keitel.

Two of the film’s scene-stealers are Hollywood vets/greats Willem Dafoe and Jeff Goldblum, the former playing an assassin with bad teeth and the latter trying to make sense of the madness as the rational Deputy Kovacs. In real life, they’re old friends, so when Complex deputy editor Ross Scarano sat down with Dafoe and Goldblum to chat about The Grand Budapest Hotel, the convo also covered just how well the two actors know each other. Or, as Goldblum puts it, their very own Newlywed Game.

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