Bothered by old PlayStation 3 games that don't have the gray "PS3" strip? OCD about how the PS4's strip is blue like the Vita's? From now on you won't have to worry for your aesthetic sanity, as IGN has revealed that Sony is indeed changing all upcoming PS3 box art to match their other two consoles design style.

What does that mean? Nothing, really, except now PS3 games will have a blue "PS3" stri adorning the top of the box art instead of a gray one, as confirmed by Sony. Whether or not you thought the PS4's strip was a cool, unique look to differentiate the consoles, moving forward everything will be designed like Deception IV, seen above. Unless you exclusively buy your games digitally, in which case it won't really matter.

Anyway, RIP, gray PS3 strip – your blue successor has instantly made our still-brand new Stick of Truth and Dark Souls II boxes look fashionably obsolete.

[Via IGN]