The man accused of masturbating with Swiss cheese while exposing himself to women in Philadelphia is in an even deeper hole after another victim came forward, authorities say. reports that Christopher Pagano, 41, turned himself in to Philadelphia police after another victim opened up about a tale of Pagano exposing himself to her in January. This brings the total number of victims to four, after Pagano was arrested in January and charged with indecent exposure, open lewdness, harassment and stalking for allegedly asking three other women to pleasure him using Swiss cheese. 

Few details about the most recent incident were released, other than that it occurred in January. As points out, this either means Pagano committed his latest atrocity before his actions made the news, or he kept propositioning women as police were searching for him. Regardless, the latest meeting with the law bumps his total number of charges up to 20.

Pagano is free after posting 10 percent of his $90,000 bail. He'll return to court on April Fool's Day. 

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