The objective to co-name a Lower East Side intersection in honor of the Beastie Boys was dealt a disappointing blow last night, as Community Board 3 voted against it. A petition to rename the intersection of Rivington and Ludlow Streets "Beastie Boys Square" was created by LeRoy McCarthy last year, as the corner famously served as the setting for the group's 1989 album, Paul's Boutique.

Following a great deal of back and forth, McCarthy was given the opportunity to present his application to the full board last night. The board ultimately decided not to approve it with a final vote of 20 to 13 according to Bowery Boogie, though McCarthy told City Guide he left the meeting following the vote when the count was 19 to 16.

"The voting mostly went along generational, cultural, [cronyism], and other divisional lines," McCarthy said in an email. Despite the disappointing outcome, McCarthy said he will not let the issue fade away. "Beastie Boys Square has many enthusiastic supporters [on] the Lower East Side, NYC, [and within] city government," he explained, adding that a meeting with city officials has already been scheduled for next week. 

When asked what he expected to come from the meeting, McCarthy said he hoped to share his goals with a more powerful audience. "The community board represents their district only. When I speak with New York City government officials, I will share my overall objective of having hip-hop receive recognition from New York City," he said.

He added that he will ask City Council for support on Beastie Boys Square, as well as initiatives by himself and others to have streets named in honor of prominent hip-hop figures. "I will show New York City Council the contributions that hip-hop has had over the past four decades without gratitude, and request that they vote 'yes' on Beastie Boys Square in Manhattan, Christopher Wallace Way in Brooklyn, Wu-Tang Clan District in Staten Island, and Big Pun Place in the Bronx," he continued.

According to CB3 guidelines, McCarthy is unable to submit another application for Beastie Boys Square for another five years. This makes his decision to go over their heads even more understandable. This fight isn't over just yet.

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