The next Call of Duty: Ghosts DLC Devastation drops in a few short days, April 3, and gamers will get three new maps, a sick submachine gun/rifle hybrid called the Ripper, a new Extinction chapter with a freaking Kraken and oh, did I forget something? The goddamn Predator!

The Predator himself, Image Via: Infinity Ward


It's still unclear if players will get to control the Predator himself but based on past appearances by the beast from Halloween, Michael Myers, players should be able to control the ultimate killer by completing field orders.

The Ripper, Image Via: Infinity Ward

Check out details of the new maps below as well as a new chapter of Extinction where players will go up against a 100 foot tall extraterrestrial Kraken. Devastation drops on April 3.

Situated on a massive excavation vehicle, Behemoth is a narrow multi-level map, giving players flanking opportunities with danger around every corner. Complete the map's Field Order and take control of an attack helicopter able to rain down destruction from above with devastating grenade launchers.
A mountaintop Mayan ruin overrun by the jungle, Ruins' skyline is dominated by an ominous volcano on the brink of eruption. This map blends the verticality of a dominant temple with tight subterranean sections.

Inspired by Dome, the fan-favorite map from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, Unearthed drops players in the heart of an alien dig site. This small map asks players to navigate through Cryptid artifacts, a mix of high-tech HAZMAT facilities, scientific equipment and vehicles. Players skilled enough to complete Unearthed's unique Field Order will be able to unleash three Cryptid alien creatures, delivering an explosive end to their foes.
The mangled remains of cargo ship crashed into a New York bridge, ripe with burnt out vehicles and shipping containers strewn across the deck, this map provides the ideal theatre for close-quarters combat. Unlock the map's unique Killstreak by completing the Field Order, and use the full arsenal of an A-10 Warthog aircraft to strafe the full length of the map.

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