Parents in an Arkansas town are looking for answers and action after learning that a teacher accidentally showed a homemade sex video to a class of students. 

The incident occurred at Forest Heights Middle School in Little Rock, and the teacher explained that the video—which shows her engaged in sex acts with her fiancé—got mixed up with tools for her lesson. However, one parent has been vocal about the need for something decisive to be done. 

Nicolas Tolerson, who learned about the incident from his son, understands that it was a mistake, but still wants action taken. "She was apologetic," he told KARK-TV. "My heart goes out to not only my son, but other kids in the classroom."

Though school administrators also acknowledge the mistake, they still plan to take disciplinary action. Keep the naughty home movies as far away from your work as possible; this happens far too much for people not to be extremely careful.

[via Uproxx and KARK-TV]