A giant rat that had been terrorizing a Stockholm family has been brought to justice, reports BBC News. The animal, known to Swedes by its nickname, "Ratzilla," was caught at the home of the Korsas family where it had been growing fat on a steady diet of trash.

After devouring food leftovers under the sink, the creature feasted on a "Swedish smorgasbord" of waste in the bin, according to Mr Korsas.

Though the animal was seriously injured by a pest controller's trap, the piece goes on to recount how the awesomely-named Korsas boys, Justus and Laurentius, were instrumental in the rodent's demise. 

The women of the house—mother Signe and daughters Dana and Erica, 17 and 15 respectively—took fright but his sons, 13-year-old Justus and six-year-old Laurentius, eventually proved themselves as genuine rat-hunters, he said.

It was the boys who investigated after the trap was sprung and the injured animal crawled away. It was they who brought him tools to help establish that it was well and truly dead.

Once the rat was officially dead, it was discovered to weigh 2.2 pounds and measured in at almost 16 inches

[via BBC News]

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