It doesn't matter how bad your day has been, there are some things you just don't do—especially in the viral age. 

According to the Daily Intelligencer, the MTA will discipline a booth agent who was foolish enough to be filmed flipping the bird to a straphanger at the West 4th Street station yesterday morning. Jonathan Pilot said the conflict stemmed from the booth agent verbally assaulting an elderly woman who simply requested a senior citizen's discount.

The agent's actions could cost him his job, but, according to Pilot, it's much bigger than that. "It's not about what should happen to him because I'm sure he had a rough day. Maybe he does that all of the time, maybe he doesn't, I don't want to judge, I don't know," the filmmaker told ABC New York. 

"People watch stuff on television on the Internet and its willy nilly and people think it's OK. It doesn't just happen on a reality show, it happens in real life. We need to treat each other better no matter the circumstances," he added.

Don't flip customers off. When you're calm—and possibly unemployed—you'll hate yourself.

[via The Daily Intelligencer and ABC New York]