Release date: May 6, 1996

It’s the ultimate hip-hop midnight movie, one that’s screaming for a hungry, no-fucks-given indie horror filmmaker to direct.

Might we suggest Hobo with a Shotgun’s Jason Eisener? A self-proclaimed rap head, Eisener has the perfect anything-goes sensibilities to bring Kool Keith’s Dr. Octagon alter-ego to the big screen. And with the psychedelic and nightmarish Dr. Octagonecologyst as the source material, the grotesque possibilities are vast.

The perfect casting: Kool Keith himself to play Dr. Octagon, the rapper’s disturbing fictional creation, an alien surgeon who sleeps with his crew of brainwashed nurses, murders the patients he abducts, and creeps around with green/yellow skin and a mean afro. It’d be part slasher movie, part exploitation throwback, somewhat sci-fi freakout, and all kinds of wrong. A future cult classic in the waiting.

Hell, it wouldn't even need a plot; like the album itself, Dr. Octagonecologyst the movie would be best served by an enhanced sense of WTF, the sort of tone midnight movie masters like Alejandro Jodorowsky and David Lynch nailed with The Holy Mountain and Eraserhead, respectively.