Release date: May 22, 2001

It’s about time Michael K. Williams landed a leading role in a movie. Starting with The Wire’s Omar Little and currently thriving with Boardwalk Empire’s Chalky White, the Brooklyn-bred actor has been slaughtering dramatic roles on quality TV shows, but on the big screen? He’s been relegated to strong supporting roles in film good (Gone Baby Gone, 12 Years a Slave) and, well, trash (Miracle at St. Anna).

Sticky Fingaz’s Blacktrash, though, represents the perfect starring vehicle for Williams, a fellow New Yorker who’s authentic grit, bald head, and scarred face make Mr. Fingaz seem about as rugged as Wayne Brady. In Blacktrash, he’d have a dynamic character to play—if it’d follow the album, Williams’ breakthrough flick would have powerful spazz-out moments (taken from “Get It Up”), guy/girl drama (“Cheatin’”), courtroom intrigue (“State vs. Kirk Jones”), and racial tension (“What if I Was White”). All of which, there’s no doubt, Williams could murder.