The Barclays Center will ask "louder" performers to turn it down a bit following complaints from neighbors.

The New York Daily News reports that Brooklyn residents who live near the arena have spoken out about the volume emanating from it. The Daily News adds that the Barclays Center has been hit with $3,200 worth fines for noise violations as a result. 

However, hints are being dropped that a certain genre (hip-hop) is responsible for most of the complaints. Even though that amount of fines that have piled up are basically pennies compared to what the Barclays Center rakes in, precautions are still being taken to address the issue. These include 1,800 insulated ceiling panels, and the Daily News mentions that arena officials are considering altering the roof, though they didn't elaborate.

Aside from the complaints of current neighbors, a development in the area featuring 2,250 affordable housing units is in the works. Can't mess with real estate boom, i.e. the money.

[via New York Daily News]