If you analyze the world in accordance to liquor preferences, it's a much easier place to understand. A Euromonitor study revealed very little about hard liquor of choice across the world, other than that people really like drinking:

According to data from Euromonitor, some countries like just what you would expect, like Russia, where vodka is easily the popular choice, or Mexico, where tequila trumps all other spirits. For others, the alcoholic weapon of choice is less obvious. The US, for example, prefers vodka to whiskey, as does the UK. (Data for Scotland weren’t available separately.) The Dutch are the only ones who like gin best. And Saudis, who live in a country where alcohol is technically illegal, prefer whiskey.

Quartz got more granular with it, listing the favorite by country. When it comes to hard liquor, we all are who we think we are

Worldwide, whiskey and vodka are the dominant liquors. Of the 53 countries listed, 47 percent prefer whiskey, while nearly 40 are partial to vodka. 

[via Quartz]