With Dark Souls II's March release just on the horizon, many are anticipating going through the next punishing chapter of FromSoftware's hardcore JRPG series, eagerly awaiting every tidbit of information that becomes available. One big question is whether or not Dark Souls II could be such a success that it's ported over to PS4 and Xbox One. In an interview with Edge, co-director Yui Tanimura said that the team knew at the start of development there was still a lot left unseen with the original Dark Souls.

"We felt that there was still a lot of potential that remained unused in Dark Souls," Tanimura said during the interview. "I hope this can be seen with the demos and footage that we have released. Our intention was to capitalize on the total potential of [seventh-generation] consoles and deliver the game to fans as soon as possible."

Whether or not Dark Souls II could ultimately hit the PS4 and Xbox One, Tanimura said that the team hasn't thought about that "yet". It seems the possibility, while far from confirmed, isn't getting outright denied yet. And with the absence of an alleged Demon's Souls 2 failing to come to fruition during Sony's PS4 launch event, a next-gen Dark Souls II could be a welcome development – eventually.

Edge also discusses a lot of other aspects about the upcoming Dark Souls sequel in the interview at the link below, so fans would do well to check it out.

Via Edge