Titanfall had a super-secret Xbox One alpha over the weekend and while most of the streams and videos of the event have been pulled from the internet by angry lawyers, some crucial details about the forthcoming mech shooter game were revealed.

Players will get to managed the loadouts of their soldier as well as Titans. Players will have a primary weapon, an anti-tank (or Titan) weapon and a sidearm as well as a slot for grenades, bombs and two kits and a tactical abilities slot such as timed cloak. Examples of kit items include a power cell – which recharges your tactical abilities faster - and a detector for revealing the computer controlled grunts.

As for the Titans, they have core abilities which are available if you keep your big guy alive long enough after you've called in for the initial “titanfall” and a single, massively powerful weapon. Titans can also be kitted with boosters and shield packages as well as an auto-eject to keep your soldier alive or a nuclear ejection which brings any nearby suckers down.

Stay tuned for more details about Titanfall's top-secret alpha and if a beta is opening up anytime soon.

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[Via OXM]