Star Citizen, the publicly funded space simulation from the creator of the Wing Commander series, has surpasses another breathtaking goal in fund raising This time with rockets screaming past $37 million dollars.

As with each new million dollar mark, as well as a hash into creator Chris Roberts' personal starship hull, the game is getting a batch of new planets and start systems to be explored by the over 369,742 backers of the space game when if finally does release. Roberts writes in a blog post on the developer's website that when funding surpasses $38 million it will unlock more systems and human colonies and when it hits $40 get the idea.

$38 million dollars is nothing to scoff at but still pretty far away from modern day premium, so called triple-A, titles. Those cost about $100 million dollars to produce. So what is the end game for Roberts Space Industries? Hopefully to get the game out! Star Citizen's funding campaign kicked off way back in October of 2012 and has been going strong since with impressive technology demos, sleek new ships and Roberts speaking heavily in support of the huge PC fan base supporting the game. So when do we get a game? No launch date has been announced but you can be sure there will be both lengthy alpha and beta testing with bakers squirming in their seats and emptying their wallets for Roberts to take them on a magical space adventure.

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[Via Polygon]