While there have been countless rumors regarding possible Halo movies and TV shows over the years, Latino Review has just reported on the most promising one yet. According to the site, Neill Blomkamp (District 9) is currently being considered by producer Steven Spielberg and Microsoft to helm the pilot for a Halo TV series, which will air exclusively on XBOX Live.

Blomkamp has been linked to the Halo universe ever since he directed a series of high-profile short films for the property in anticipation of the Halo 3 video game. He was also briefly attached to a live-action film adaptation of the game, which was eventually canceled. If true, this move makes sense for both sides, especially considering Blomkamp’s familiarity with the source material.

However, with the director currently working on a new film titled Chappie, it might be a while before he has the time to re-enter the Halo world. Plus, this might be one of those rumors that will eventually be debunked and crush our dreams of a Halo TV show yet again. We’ll have more information on Halo when this gossip is either confirmed or shot down.

[via Latino Review]