Samuel Matson is a designer who has worked with tech companies like Samsung and IBM and now he's come up with an headset dubbed Immersion which integrates “biometrics and video games to solve gamer rage.”

The headset clamps on to the user's ear and tracks heart rate which then adjusts what is happening in-game. According to the designer, it was created by modifying an Xbox controller with a pulse sensor to provide visual and haptic feedback during play.

To test his prototype, Matson created a basic shooter using the Unity game engine that could interpret data from the pulse sensor. When the gamer's heart rate was calm the game was easier with fewer and weaker enemies then increasing in difficulty as the gamer's heart rate got more rapid. Just the thought of it pisses me off.

Is this the cure to stop scaring your roommates and significant others by hurling controllers or bare knuckled boxing your flatscreen? It's not clear if this would actually work or just tick cranky gamers off more.

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[Via Polygon]