City: Boston  
Address: All over 
Best hangover dish: The Pizzaburger

Can't decide between a pizza and a burger? Don't worry. The The Boston Restaurant and Sports Bar has made the decision for your poor hungover brain with their Pizzaburger. The restaurant calls it their new "bundle of joy," probably because after eating one, your belly will look like you are ready to pop out your own little chubby-cheeked grease-monster. The burger itself isn't just a cheeseburger; it's a bacon cheeseburger that's wrapped in what is essentially a calzone, but called a pizza since it's probably easier for the beer-addled to pronounce. In case you were worried about calories, the whole thing is only 1,360 which is a little less than the recommended daily value for most people, so it's a good thing you puked up all the food you ate the night before.