These days, the terms “twentysomething” and “millennial” are thrown around the Internet about as often as pictures of cute animals. There is no shortage of blog posts, lists, and essays telling twentysomethings where to live, what their goals should be, and exactly what sort of people they should be having sex with.

Unsurprisingly, all of this noise, added to the already stressful realities of low income and underemployment, breeds stress and anxiety. When you aren’t obsessing over those key life decisions you’re making every day, you’re being inundated with blog upon blog about exactly how you should be making those decisions. Despite what the widely shared Facebook posts may tell you, a lot of these issues don’t require as much worry as it seems. Some things are beyond our control, some things will fix themselves in time, and other things just don’t deserve to take up space in your head. Here are 10 Things Twentysomethings Don’t Need to Obsess So Much About.

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