Sony Looking To Hire "Safe House" Scribe To Write "Bad Boys III"

Sony Looking To Hire "Safe House" Scribe To Write "Bad Boys III"Image via Sony Pictures

After years of rumors, Sony Pictures might finally be ready to bring Bad Boys III to life. According to Deadline, the studio is looking at Safe House writer, David Guggenheim, to draft the script for the third entry in the franchise. The studio hopes to bring both Martin Lawrence and Will Smith back for their original roles, but nothing is confirmed at this point.

Also up in the air is who will direct the film. Michael Bay hasn’t openly expressed interest in returning to the franchise, even though Jerry Bruckheimer is still attached to produce. It might be easier to find a director to commit if both Smith and Lawrence agree to come back, but until that happens, fans of the franchise might be in for a long wait.

[via Deadline]

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