Vero Beach, Fla. resident Michael Gray, 51, rolled the dice and let homeless man Timothy Gochenour, 41, stay in his house. He paid the price with his life, but he should've been wary of letting someone nicknamed "Satan" live with him in the first place.

Gochenour has been arrested for allegedly killing Gray with a milkshake spiked with prescription drugs. According to Indian River County Sheriff Deryl Loar, he had been living with Gray for months, but their relationship deteriorated. Right before Gray's death, the men had argued about rent and other personal matters. 

Gray's wife, who was in Nebraska at the time, said she had lost contact with him for 36 hours. When authorities went to his home, a nervous Gochenour answered the door. When they asked to come inside, he reportedly told them "Well, if you come in you might as well arrest me." Evidence in Gray's home suggested that Gochenour was preparing to dispose of his body. 

Gray's friend, Kathryn Chinn, told WPBF that she used to camp with Cochenour when they were both homeless. "He had a lot of issues," she explained. "Everyone called him Satan or Bamma. They called him the devil. Death. He was heavy into a lot of horrid, evil things."

"I really thought [Gochenour] was going to change, but he didn’t," she added.

[via WPBF]