They’re like the new and improved version of Charlie’s Angels but instead of fighting crime for the Charles Townsend Agency as private investigators, they lounge around at a Miami Beach mansion all day taking endless amounts of selfies for everybody's favorite photo-sharing site. It’s still pretty unclear as to what exactly Taz’s Angels do but there does seem to be a leader amongst the group of women and he’s known to us as just: Taz.

Though Taz is portrayed similar to how Charlie from Charlie’s Angels; staying in the cut like Fredo and not seen full-faced most of the time, Taz is rumored to be a pimp and one of Miami Beach’s biggest club promoters. Catherine (aka catdagreat), along with Kenia (aka kinkyissofly), are said to act as Taz’s “lieutenants” keeping the other girls Anabella Carrasco, Leena Sayed, and Ruby Sayed in line and in check. While we try not to get into all the alluding rumours that Taz’s Angels might just be an escort service providing companions to celebrities, athletes, and rappers in the Miami-Dade area, they seem to just be a group of good-looking, multicultural socialites looking to make a name for themselves through social media. And sure enough, they did.

Most importantly, though, some of the thirstiest comments we’ve ever come across have come from scrolling through countless amounts of furnitureless half-naked living room selfie photos from the girls respoinsible for the “Bad Bitches Link Up” movement, and if you don’t believe us take a look just take a look for yourself.

Anthony Osei is the creator of the popular Tumblr, Thirstiest Men of Instagram. You definitely want to check it out.