Sex workers are regular people who go through the typical trials and tribulations like everyone else. No different than many, a major concern of theirs is healthcare. As CNN Money notes, the sex industry consists of people who view themselves as entrepreneurs who sometimes can't afford to purchase healthcare. 

Enter the Affordable Healthcare Act (which is the same thing as Obamacare, you fucking idiots) to save the day. 

Bay Area sex worker "Siouxsie Q" says she has been looking for the right plan—to no availsince 2008. When she and her partner researched joint plans, they learned the expense would be $400 to $500 monthly. That's not exactly in their budget. 

"We just couldn't swing [insurance] in the Bay Areawe're lower middle class, recent college graduates, in Startup Land trying to make our way," the 28-year-old explained.

However, when Obamacare goes into effect on Jan. 1, it will give Siouxsie and her partner a more affordable option: a bill of $175 to $200 each month. In the meantime, they're juggling two California exchange plans and expect to receive a $275 tax credit monthly. Anyone making less than $46,000 annually is eligible for a tax credit that will account for their monthly healthcare expenses. 

The new legistlation will be further benficial for sex workers because it will cover screenings for disease, violence and contraception. In addition, it will also make it hard for insurance companies to refuse coverage due to HIV status and gender identity.

President Obama, winning the hearts of sex workers one act a time.

[via CNN Money]