As expected, GameStop moved its entire stock of PS4 consoles on the day one launch. Sony then provided GameStop with a second back up shipment which flew off the shelves as well. Even after selling two full stocks there are reports surfacing that GameStop is still behind 2.3 million consoles to customers who pre-ordered through their "first to know" list.

It's been a full week since the release of PS4 and it looks as if Sony and GameStop highly under estimated the orders they would have to process.

Everyone knew the demand would be high, but GameStop has reportedly sold 80% more Playstation 4's in this past week than all of the Playstation 3 consoles they sold in 2006.

It comes as no surprise that orders still have not been filled but nearly 2.3 million is obviously no small number of customers who are still waiting to receive their new system.

Even with nearly 2.3 million orders to process and ship, that didn't stop GameStop and Sony from having a huge week selling over 1 million units across North America so far.

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[via Destructoid]