A group of dedicated fans have released a Hoth trailer for Star Wars: BattleCry, a free-to-play absolutely-not-for-profit standalone CryEngine mod that’s billed as a “spiritual successor” to the was-defunct-now-isn’t Battlefront multiplayer series.

Flying around Echo Base with pretty nice graphics is cool, and you have to admire the dev team for undergoing such a project. Still, with DICE picking up the next-gen reins of Battlefront (which, from their E3 teaser will also feature Hoth, only with eye-goggling next-gen Frostbite 3 detail and triple-A production values) and the state of the copyright world being the way that it is, you have to wonder if something like BattleCry can ever really exist, even if its dev team is making it as a labor of love.

To be fair, BattleCry’s site very explicitly states that the team is taking great pains to make sure that no copyright laws are violated in the development, though it doesn’t sound like they’ve cut a deal with Mickey’s – or, uh, Andrew Wilson’s – litigation team.

For the sake of the designers, here’s hoping they can work something out and keep this from being another unauthorized Final Fantasy VII webseries or Monkey Island sequel. (The fact that this is a totally free fan project that isn’t on Kickstarter, not to mention the fact that BattleCry’s site has monthly updates dating back to October, is probably a good sign.

Via Youtube