Haven’t played Binary Domain? Not many did. The Yakuza team’s sole experiment outside of their established franchise came and went with little fanfare, and despite its strange exploration of Blade Runner-esque themes and notions of international racial politics, few have even heard of it.

Luckily now you can try the game out for yourself, since it’s entering PS Plus this month. If the narrative aspects aren’t necessarily your thing, you can also just revel in the horrifying piece-by-piece dynamic damage of your robotic foes or the equally creepy (and impressive) responsive AI, which will do anything to kill you and reacts on the fly to what’s going on around it.

(It’s a really interesting game.)

You can also download the director’s cut-ish Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen and PS4’s Contrast and Stranger’s Wrath HD on Vita, among others. Check the link for the full list.

Via PlayStation Blog