This new Star Citizen trailer dropped yesterday and we didn't think much of it. Beyond the amazing graphics and tongue-in-cheek luxury car commercial spoof it looked like just another cool ship that we'll get someday is the long-awaited, publicly funded game.

Today however, creator Chris Roberts, of Wing Commander fame, told Eurogamer that the trailer is made "100 percent in-engine." The trailer represents actual, brain-melting, gameplay.

"We're pushing the limits with Star Citizen, and this commercial is our best example yet," Roberts said.

"It's rendered 100 per cent in-engine in real-time at 4K resolution. We scale everything for the super high resolutions that will be the basis of tomorrow's gaming experience."

Roberts said they are employing a graphics technology which, in simple terms means being able to take a high definition game from 1080p to the "ultra-HD" of 3840x2160 with frame rates going far above 60 frames per second.

Tech jargon aside it's crazy hi-res.

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[Via Eurogamer]