If you’re planning on picking up a PS4 at launch and still have any lingering confusion over how game sharing works with friends and family, digitally or in boxed copies (y’know, aside from this), Sony has put up a handy guide to how it all works.

Expectedly, it’s all pretty easy: friends and family can play any games on your PSN account when you’re signed in (the guide doesn’t specify whether this means sub-accounts under the same system or just, uh, people you know using your physical stuff as has been happening since man invented the concepts of property and equipment), no fees or restrictions on used or boxed games, among others. Most interestingly, PS4 lets PSN users sign into their accounts from any machine and access their game libraries, which is pretty cool given the weird nature of ownership and transferred experiences in the digital space.

Check out the link below for the full guide. You could argue that maybe admittedly it could be a hair more in-depth, but that it’s not is kind of telling as to how straightforward Sony is making their process this time around.

Via PlayStation Blog