TV show: Hammer House of Horror (ITV)
Air date: October 11, 1980
Streaming on Netflix?: No

Being that Hammer Film Productions was involved, the British anthology series Hammer House of Horror was never not going to kick ass. The legacy forged by the likes of Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing, in classic films like The Curse of Frankenstein (1957) and Dracula: Prince of Darkness (1966), was on the line. And, boy, did the series deliver.

Sadly for fans of hardcore horror, the series only lasted one season, but it left behind a slew of gems. Case in point: "The House That Bled to Death," a haunted house tale that begins no differently than, say, The Amityville Horror or Poltergeist. A family moves into a new home, learns about the massacre that happened inside long before they entered, and begin to experience a variety of freaky shit.

But "The House That Bled to Death" can lay claim to one incredible sequence that no Amityville-like motion picture has yet tried to top: At a child's birthday party, while everyone's happily eating cake, a ceiling pipe undoes itself, points one of its opened ends down upon the kiddies, and spews out blood all over them. How's that icing taste?