Jason's watch from the Power Rangers. George Jetson's wristwatch. Dick Tracy's. Captain Kirk's. The list of fictional futuristic watches used by men in movies and television can go on and on (James Bond's watch in Goldeneye 007, anyone?), and it could feel a little nostalgic when we remember the characters that used them. 

Samsung used this to their advantage by showcasing the TV watches of different decades in their newest commercials for their smartwatch, the Galaxy Gear. The first commercial, which debuted yesterday, shows the watches with voiceovers from the characters who used them in the background. The second commercial actually shows clips of the characters using them—pretty awesome if you're a fan of these classic characters. At the end of each commercial, Samsung leads into their product by claiming the futuristic qualities of these fictional watches are "finally real" in, wouldn't you know, the Galaxy Gear. Though the commercials are awesome, when you consider the less than stellar reviews the Gear has gotten since its debut—those old fictional timepieces might be closer to real, but not real quite yet. 

You can find out for yourself if it's better than your favorite fictional watches if you pick up the Galaxy Gear, available now for $299.

[via Mashable]