Film: American History X (1998)
Most recent project: Kaye directed the 2012 school drama, Detachment starring Adrien Brody.

Tony Kaye's war against Hollywood began with American History X, which is notorious for its brutal story of two brothers who become drawn into the Neo Nazi movement after their father is murdered by a black teenager. Wait, you know American History X. If you don't, what's address of the rock you live under?

The movie we got, Kaye still vehemently argues, wasn't the true cut of the movie he filmed. He has not been shy about his anger about what studio people did to his movie. In fact, he was so disgusted at Hollywood's stiff-arming both him and his vision that he went away for eight years before coming back to the film business in 2006.

He was portrayed as the bitter wild-haired troublemaker in the years since, but we think there's more of us who sympathize with him than we'd like to admit. Kaye has directed three films since his return to the chair, helming Detachment in 2012, but it was dismissed by a large population of critics and ignored by audiences, barely breaking $1 million in revenue. Detachment was a promising glimpse into Kaye's intention of making films he wants to make, and we hope he sticks around this time.