Madden NFL 25 dropped its second update today that targeted several problem areas gamers were experiencing.

According to the EA Sports blog, numerous tweaks and fixes were made to the gameplay and presentation, along with specialized changes made to the Ultimate Team and Connected Franchise game modes.

Changes include toning down pull blocking and breaking tackles using the fan favorite Truck Stick. In addition, adjustments to in-game injuries have been tweaked as well after reports of it occurring too frequently. Touchdown celebrations have be brought back to all online games modes and improvements were made to the system behind choosing the GMC Never Say Never Moment of the Game.

Updates were made across the board to the Connected Franchise including multiple issues with drafts and trading. Other general improvements were made addressed rendering and stability across all modes.

It looks as if EA and Madden are trying to get all the final kinks out while gearing up for their next-gen release coming November 15 for Playstation 4 and November 22 for Xbox One.

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