So, what did your phone do for you this morning? Did it help you get to work? Let you take a selfie? That's super awesome. But it ain't as cool as saving your life.

That's what this HTC EVO 3D did for a helpless clerk in Orlando, Fla., when an armed robber made his way into his gas station at around 5 a.m. Monday. The robber showed the clerk he had a revolver, and then demanded him to open the gas station's safe. When the clerk couldn't open it, a second clerk came over to give it a try. The robber got frustrated that neither clerk was able to open the safe, so made his way out of the door, but turned around and fired a single shot at the attendants. It wasn't until the clerk pulled his phone out of his shirt pocket that he realized his busted up phone had stopped the bullet from penetrating his abdomen. 

Score one, HTC. Your gold iPhone 5S probably won't be able to do that, but hopefully you won't have to find out if it does.

[via AP]