One of the greatest misconceptions about history is that people assume that it's a static entity.

That once it is set down in text books it becomes a sort of finalized gospel. This is an assumption that has no longer become a reliable approach. New data is always being discovered that forces us to reevaluate historical events and the people that experienced them.

Shit, we were all taught that Christopher Columbus was a great explorer that just happened to bump into North America as a royally sanctioned outing, met some natives, and that was the end of it. We have public school history books to thank for that bit of cultural misdirection. Of course, we all now know that Columbus was one of the biggest dicks to ever get behind the wheel of a boat. Once you remove the myth of a man 'discovering' an already inhabited world, what you're left with is a guy who dabbled in genocide and still managed to get his own national holiday.

Looking at historoical events, we can at least be grateful we never had the modern trapping of video games to distract us from pivotal moments in world shaping moments. Video games could have been a series of relentless distractions, and we should be grateful they haven't always been around.

Here are Great Moments in World History Nearly Ruined by Video Games.

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