Number of episodes: 2
Ratings for debut: 2.2 (8 million viewers)
Stars: Maggie Lawson, James Caan, Griffin Gluck, Ben Koldyke, Lenors Crichlow, Cooper Roth, J.J. Totah, Kennedy Waite
Premise: Terry Gannon, a recently divorced woman (Maggie Lawson), and her son Danny (Griffin Gluck) leave Michigan and reluctantly move in with her father "The Cannon" (James Caan). She resents her father and blames him for her being damaged. (He took her to Mexico and left her with a team mascot while he was in jail when she was younger and later he failed to go to her college baseball games). After Danny fails to make his school baseball team Terry decides to become the coach for the league of misfits that didn't make the team despite wanting to forget baseball. Now Terry must wrestle living with her dad, being a mom, and playing coach.

Prognosis: Lawson and Caan make for a great team. The scenes they share together are smart and funny when they're not sweet and touching. Cannon became a single dad when his wife passed away and her memory is still present. We also see Terry deal with being a single parent, but she doesn't come off as a victim. Instead she steps up to the plate and is a strong single mother trying to make things better for her kid. (Even if that requires her being a sleazy car salesman to get money for an apartment).

Caan shines as the beer-toting, unapologetic wiseass. He's funny in large part because of the ridiculous nature of his character—at one point he yells, "Raccoon, lunch!" before feeding a sandwich to a raccoon trapped in his wall. The show does stumble when it lazily relies on racism and stereotypes for laughs. Caan jokes about a Spanish kid climbing a fence, shouting "Amigo! Down! You're in America already." Get it, he's old and racist. Hilarious.

There are a few things about the show that project longevity, so here's hoping it doesn't strike out. —Debbie Encalada