Date: 8/31/2013
School: University of Iowa
Party girl: Samantha Lynn Goudie  

During a Hawkeyes football game against Northern Illinois earlier this year, Samantha Goudie (better known as "Vodka Samm" by those who hold her hair back) allegedly tried to rush the field when campus police detained her. During her jail experience, Goudie became Internet famous with a series of admittedly hilarious tweets and by blowing a rather awe-inspiring .341 on the breathalyzer. If you're doing the math, that's the equivalent of, like, a six-pack of High Life, a dozen swigs from the Fireball bottle, and a cowboy boot full of boxed wine before kickoff. Or, as they call it in Iowa City, "a solid pre-game." 

Shaming her school aside, shout out to this chick for somehow maintaining a brilliantly half-baked online persona despite a handle's worth of distilled liquor coursing through her blood stream. Like, navigating one's TiVo is a challenge after a tallboy and a bong hit, but Vodka Samm over here hashtagged her way to 20,000 followers with her brain effectively soaked in lighter fluid. The Princeton Review recently named Iowa the No. 1 party school in the nation, and it didn't take long for this girl to defend the university's proud, beer funneling tradition.