Date: April and May 2010
School: Ohio University/Miami of Ohio
Party girl(s): The ladies of Pi Beta Phi, Ohio University and Miami of Ohio respectively

In spring 2010, the Pi Beta Phi sorority made national headlines TWICE for a pair of ridiculously sloppy parties. Miami of Ohio's chapter struck first with a rager at Lake Lyndsay Lodge in Hamilton, Ohio, which included complaints of widespread vomiting, the flipping of an appetizer table, and guests defecating outside of the venue.

LOL. We understand getting wasted and crying in a bathroom or trying to break into a Long John Silver's at 3 a.m. to feast on popcorn shrimp, but taking a shit in the grass is totally beyond us. That's next level partying that we cannot relate to on any level. Public service announcement: If you find yourself crouching down like a Yorkshire Terrier and actually making doodie on someone's lawn, you need to chill with whatever drugs you're taking. 

Not to be outdone, Ohio University's chapter wreaked havoc on an art center in West Virginia a month later. The center claimed damages caused by guests pouring liquor bottles out on the dance floor and frolicking in the puddles, breaking a bathroom sink by way of attempted sexual intercourse, and—if you questioned the egregious carnal energy of this shindig—one of the event's bartenders reportedly witnessed a couple having sex in front of a cheering crowd. In sum, the Pi Phis take these Ke$ha verses wayyy too seriously.