This is why you always move out after breaking up with someone. 

Vernett Bader, 54, was arrested in North Charleston, S.C. Monday night for stabbing her former boyfriend and current roommate, reportedly because the man refused to stop listening to the Eagles. Bader's frustration mounted after the 64-year-old man ignored her requests to stop playing the Eagles over and over again, but then he told her to "shut up." 

That's when she lost it.

After retrieving a serated blade, she stabbed the man multiple times in the hand, elbow and arm. The victim and his brother managed to separate Bader from the knife, but, in her relentless state, she ran to the kitchen and got another one. She must really, really hate the Eagles. Oh course all three of them were drunk.

Though Bader confessed, she said she was acting in self-defense, claiming that the victim choked her. However, there weren't any corresponding marks on her neck. She was charged with "criminal domestic violence of a high and aggravated nature."

Doesn't the image of someone being stabbed to "Hotel California" or "Victim of Love" remind you of a scene from a Scorsese film?

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