Location: Indiana, Penn.
Founded: 2003
Where to get it: Commonplace shops in Pittsburgh and Indiana, Penn.; coffee shops around Western Pennsylvania; Moxxee in Charleston, W.Va.; Espresso A Mano in Pittsburgh; online at commonplacecoffee.com
Roaster recommends: Sumatra Wahana. Natural processing gives the region's normally chocolatey coffee strong strawberry and floral notes instead. It's best brewed as a Chemex or an espresso.

Blame it on the area's sooty, industrial past: Western Pennsylvania has traditionally had a penchant for dark roasted coffees, according to Commonplace owner TJ Fairchild. He saw an opening for the Indiana, Penn., roaster to move into the market by offering lighter roasts and by paying closer attention to the profiles of specific beans.

But Commonplace isn't leaving Pittsburgh's mechanical past behind altogether: The company displays an unusual passion for the elements of making great coffee that go along with having quality beans. In addition to cranking out the region's tastiest roasts, the company has also become a go-to destination for barista training and equipment servicing. "We're as excited with machinery working well and people working with the coffee well [as with the coffee itself]," Fairchild says, later launching into a geeky explanation of the latest high-tech brewing contraption, the Steampunk. In other words, if anyone's going to figure out the mechanics of making your coffee taste great, it's these guys.