Of all the films in all of the land, the one to finally knock Lee Daniels' The Butler off the number one spot in the box office was...Riddick

According to Deadline, the Vin Diesel-starring film pulled in a disappointing opening weekend total of $18.7 million, but it was enough to beat Lee Daniels' The Butler, which has been reigning the box office for the past month since it was released. The Butler secured second place with $8.9 million earned this weekend, which brings its cumulative earnings to an impressive $91.9 million so far. Third place was really the biggest surprise: Spanish-language film Instructions Not Included managed to rise up to the number three spot this weekend, with an impressive $8.1 million earned. 

Rounding out the top five was We Are the Millers and Planes, both of which are in their fifth week—Millers earned $7.9 million for the number four spot, and Planes earned $4.3 million for the number five spot.

Overall, this box office weekend was unsurprisingly weak—though the total was $70 million earned from all releases, which is 20% higher than last year, this is likely due to the prevalence of 3D movies and the fact that those cost much more. Oh well—at least One Direction: This Is Us dropped to number six in the box office.

[via Vulture]