Good speakers don't have to be expensive—and expensive speakers don't have to be good. If you're into your sound, then you know that all too well.

Los Angeles-based Orb Audio has just released a new 5.1 high-end speaker system that falls on the stylish side. For starters, you can choose between their Mod1X or Mod2X speaker packs, and a sub-woofer which is accoustically matched with the speakers. The systems are modular, meaning audiophiles can configure each channel with one, two, or four Orbs per speaker, which allows users to customize their speaker setup. If you're the type that cares about your home theatre devices looking good with the rest of your living room's furniture, you can get these speakers in a variety of finishes, such as hand-polished steel. The speakers are backed up with great peripherals such as gold-plated binding plates, high neodymium magnets and oxygen-free internal copper wire.

The ModX speakers are the latest release from the company, and feature four orbs per speaker wire, with a tremendous output and an incredibly immersive sound output. These are meant to be hooked up to the largest of TV's for the true home theater experience.

Check them out at the Orb website.