In totally unsurprising news, income disparity is worse in New York City than any other American city. According to information from the American Community Survey, the gap between rich and poor in the city is wider than any other in the U.S. Furthermore, nearly two million New Yorkers have become poor over the past year due to a 21.2 percent increase in poverty. 

As a city, mean income is in the top fifth was $222,871, compared to a mere $8,993 in the lowest. The numbers are even worse in Manhattan, where mean income in the top fifth is a staggering $389,007 compared to the just $9,635 in the lowest. 

Additional data showed that 32 percent of single-parent families were below the poverty line, along with 19 percent of residents 65-years-old or greater. Furthermore, poverty was higher among Hispanics and African-Americans.

[via Gothamist]