Parks and Recreation, one of television's funniest programs, returns to NBC this Thursday at 8 p.m. ET for their sixth season. We all know that the show provides us with some of the most GIF-able quotes around and perhaps the most expansive comedic world since The Simpsons. Beneath the laughs and thinly veiled political commentary, there are lessons to be learned. The co-workers in the Pawnee Parks Department have a level of camaraderie only reserved for TV workplaces, but in our real world, far less humorous jobs, we can still apply many of the lessons of Leslie Knope and company. Every employee of the Pawnee Parks Department has their own approach for weathering the monotony of civil servitude while maintaining a positive relationship with their officemates. From Ron Swanson's gruff detachment to Leslie's clingy warmth, everyone working in that office has a method for avoiding madness. Even if the environment at your job feels more like working under Tony Soprano than Chris Traeger, you can still find a few takeaways courtesy of everyone's favorite local government team. Here are 10 Lessons For Getting Along With Your Co-Workers We Learned From Parks and Recreation.