This is pretty shocking. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Kirk Cameron's latest Christian indie effort, Unstoppable, screened on about 700 screens across the nation on Tuesday night as part of a one-night live event through Fathom, and managed to gross more than a lot of indie films do during their first month—which is, to be specific, $2 million in ticket sales. For some comparison, as THR points out, Prisoners starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Hugh Jackman earned $2.2 million total during that same timeframe, playing on 3,260 screens.

These numbers reportedly make Unstoppable the most successful event in the history of Fathom Events, which often runs live events of opera shows and huge, highly anticipated boxing matches.

"We were hoping for good numbers but weren't expecting this to be quite so exciting," Cameron reportedly said of the news. "This is great."

Goddamnit. Now Kirk Cameron is going to think he's actually unstoppable. Ugh, whatever—at least we always still have this photo:

[via The Hollywood Reporter]