10 Hollywood Actors Who Have Bricked On TV

Josh Lucas

Fail(s): The Firm (NBC, 2012)

After a decade of not being able to transcend in Hollywood beyond rom-coms and leading C-movie thrillers (or worse—what up, Stealth) Josh Lucas thought his break would come on TV in a small-screen sequel to...John Grisham's The Firm?

The OG thriller is vintage Tom Cruise and a great way to pass a rainy Saturday on TNT, but was anybody asking for the next chapter of Mitch McDeere's story? The answer is, of course, a resounding no. The show got mixed to negative reviews, and worse, the execution and production values reminded everyone of 1993 a bit too much. Just one month after a two-hour premiere, NBC relegated it to Saturdays to die a sad an lonely death. Lucas's only project since was seventh lead in a Nic Cage thriller helmed by "auteur" Simon West...

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