The 25 Most Hated Sitcom Characters of All Time Image via Warner Bros. Television.

5. Charlie Harper

As seen on: Two and a Half Men (CBS)
Portrayed by: Charlie Sheen

Reckless womanizing and alcoholism does not a likable character make. Furthermore, adding a bumbling spineless staight-man and an effectively lobotomized kid does not a show make.

Charlie Harper is not even a character—he is a hungover Charlie Sheen walking on set, glancing at a script, waving away the concerned director and saying, "Got it." Then, a sleep-deprived cameraman stands over the ACME-sized laugh track button and gives a thumbs up, to which the director yawns "Action." And the farce continues to live on today via reruns. We're sure you've witnessed the horror firsthand at least once already.

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