Remember that time David Hasselhoff played Nick Fury? No? Don't worry, you're not alone. It was in a self-titled made-for-TV movie showcasing the S.H.I.E.L.D. head honcho that aired on FOX back in '98. It's so irrelevant that you'd hardly be accused of being a newb for thinking Samuel L. Jackson's omnipresent role in the Marvel movies was the character's first live presentation. Most fanboys and just plain superhero-film enthusiasts dig Jackson's Fury, but it appears the Hoff hilariously thought he had, nay, deserved, a shot at reprising the eye-patch wearing hero—and that between him and Jackson, his is the better performance.

"You know, it wasn't Nick Fury. They take these shows and they make it the way they want to make it and unfortunately, they should have had Stan Lee on the set and let him kick him into gear - whoever directed [The Avengers] decided they wanted to go that way. But it's their prerogative. He's still a great actor."

He goes on to say that the way Fury's written in his recent Marvel film appearances isn't "the consummate Nick Fury," which, in addition to the odd way he says "whoever directed The Avengers," can be read as a slight dig at Joss Whedon. Of course he has since taken to Twitter to clarify that he has nothing but love for Samuel L., but the comment that really stands out is that he's "hoping to do it again sometime." We hope he's content with an SNL or Funny Or Die sketch.

[via Yahoo]