Why must it always be Florida? Yesterday, 54-year-old David Edward Benes of Holiday was arrested for trying to perform a two-day exorcism on his 80-year-old girlfriend. Benes and the woman had been cohabitating for three-years, but things soured on Monday when he restrained her while trying to remove "the devil [from] her." He took her car keys and somehow took apart the garage so that the door wouldn't open. 

The woman passed out, giving Benes the opportunity to start the exorcism the following morning. The woman managed to call 911 even though Benes had taken the batteries out of her phone, and authorities arrived to find her outside crying with bruises and scratches on her arms. Benes rationalized the attempted exorcism by explaining that his girlfriend "is crazy."

He was charged with battery of a person over the age of 65, false imprisonment and tampering with a witness.

[via Tamba Bay Times]