The fact that people cheat on their significant others is an ugly, inconvenient truth. The question that everyoneespecially the person who's been cheated onwonders is why? Last year, researchers at the University of Washington conducted a study that may have gotten to the bottom of that painful question. 

Non-sexual cheating such as cheating on tests was studied and researchers learned that people get a "cheater's high." According to Nicole Ruedy, people experience a unique thrill from doing something wrong that "that doesn't directly harm someone else." 

A total of 1,000 men and women between the ages of 20 and 30 were studied in the U.S. and England. They were asked to solve problems, then use a "correct answer button" only to make sure their answers are correct. People who hit the button before answering the question reported a greater feeling of happiness after doing so. 

Another study held by Binghamton researchers in 2010 found a possible connection between the type of cheating mentioned above and cheating in relationships. This particular study learned that it might be geneticcarriers of the DRD4 gene are more likely to cheat and have one night stands. Narcissism, a lack of conscientousness and options at your disposal also influence cheating.

Don Draperwe're looking at you, bruh.

[via Nerve]