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Teeth whitening has become an arms race in recent years. Just as bros in the club need to have the spikiest hair and the douchiest Ed Hardy shirt, now they also do all they can to further whiten those already pearly whites. Your going to need more than just simple whitening gel to make those teeth so ghostly that women will be blinded by those glistening fangs. That's where your GLO Brilliant Personal Teeth Whitening Device (catchy name, huh?) comes in. How does this scary looking device work? Well, LED lights embedded in the mouthpiece add heat and light to your teeth whitening gel to amplify the level of whiteness while cutting down on wait time. Dude, your teeth are going to be so white, it's going to be amazing. You'll never wait behind another velvet rope again: just flash those sexy molars and doors will open for you wherever you go.